Saturday, November 7, 2009

6 Months....

Oh my, my baby Scarlett is now six months! Where do I start...? Let me first start out by saying that she is such a blessing, she has a smile that can brighten any room. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, she adores her sissy and her bobo, and I love up on her every chance I get. She always has a smile for anyone, anytime! :)
She is now scooting everywhere and is up on all fours, it won't be long and she will be crawling, although she is not sitting up on her own just yet. She has been eating baby food now for a couple of months and she has started to blow raspberries when she is not hungry or doesn't like something. She thinks that it's funny but the person on the receiving end is not very fond of the mess, which is usually me!
A couple of weeks ago I switched her formula from Similac to Good Start because it was on sale and it had a coupon on the can. Lets just say it was not a great transition, she was not on board at all with the switch. So needless to say she is now back to her regular formula and taking it quite well. She is still hesitant when you first give her the bottle, she tastes it before fully investing in the time to drink it. There's no fooling her!

I treasure each day that I have to know that she still needs help from me. I love when it's bedtime, I rock her to sleep listening to her favorite CD, Accapella Lullabies. I wish that she would stay little forever as time flies by so fast and she is getting bigger and bigger each day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Green Thumb?

For the past week I have been coming over to my parents' house to water my mom's plants. My parents have a big backyard and my mom feels that she needs to have a garden that outlines the fence and also a little garden that is in the middle of the yard. She has to use four hose that connect together to reach all of her plants.

Yesterday, I started at 5:30 in the evening watering her plants and didn't finish till 9:30 at night. As I was watering her plants all I could think of was there is so many other things that I could be doing at this moment. That is the reason why I do not have plants at my house. Plus on top of spending hours on end watering her garden, they're dying. Even though I always seem to kill her plants she always asks me to come over and take care of them.

Coupon Book

For the past week I have been annoyed on how unorganized my coupons were, so yesterday I went out on a mission. I needed to find a way to organize my coupons and have them ready for me to use them at any given moment.

I had seen this idea on another blog that I follow, organize the coupons like you would baseball trading cards. So yesterday while I was at Target I decided to get the supplies that I would need to start my personal coupon book. I got a binder, page dividers, and page protectors that you would use for baseball cards. Last night I started to name my page dividers and fill my page protectors. Although this process took me awhile, I feel good about myself that the coupons are organized and hopefully I can cut down on the time I spend at the grocery store.

Although Michael thinks that I maybe a little crazy, my coupons are organized!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mary the Pro

Michael brought home a wii last week, this is something that he had wanted ever since the game system came out. Our favorite game as a family is bowling. Mary our four year old surprises me at everything she does. She seems to pick up stuff very fast. The other night Michael and her were playing bowling and she ended up scoring over a 200 game, beating Michael. Each frame she either got a strike or a spare.

So the next day Mary was talking to her grandma and told her that she beat her dad and that she was a pro. As this made Michael feel very proud as a dad that she beat him in a game but embarrassed at the same time because she is only four years old!